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Golgotha Outlaws

An innovative dance music production outfit with a reputation for combining elements from different styles, producing catchy, upfront tracks that leave you wanting more.  The Golgotha Outlaws production principle is to get back to what has made each genre of dance music great.  Its about the killer chord sequence, that big hook that stays in your head all day, the remix that makes you see the original on a whole new light.  In short its about getting back to dance music that makes you remember where you were when you first heard it!

Jail Recordings are also proud to handle performance and collaboration bookings for Golgotha Outlaws - contact info@jailrecordings.com with any enquiries.

Gordon Boss

A critically acclaimed DJ and remixer, Gordon is signed to Jail Recordings for remix work and solo projects.  Gordon has remixed for artists such as The Freemasons, Katy Perry, Mariah Care, Justin Timberlake, Ciara, Jay-Z and many others.  Many of Gordon’s remixes are available for promotional use only, free to download from our downloads section.  Gordon Boss is a digital DJ, its all about computers, samplers and midi controllers.  He is equally  at home in the production studio and in the DJ booth.

Jail Recordings are also proud to handle DJ and remix bookings for Gordon Boss - contact info@jailrecordings.com with any enquiries.

James Samson

The driving force behind Golgotha Outlaws and the source of many of their diverse musical influences, James is also signed to Jail Recordings for solo projects, collaborations and remixes.  Some of James’s solo projects include orchestral scores for feature films, music from production briefs for corporate videos and semi acoustic rock songs (one of which is released as the b side of The Rock EP from Golgotha Outlaws)

James is available for film scores and corporate work, please contact info@jailrecordings.com with any enquiries.

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