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Click the song titles for FREE mp3 downloads of some EXCLUSIVE Jail white labels.

Gordon Boss - Jail Recordings Launch Set - exclusive to jail recordings, a full on electro house set recorded live at the Jail Launch Party.

Freemasons & Wynter Gordon - Believer (Gordon Boss Wynter Vocal 12”) - a bassline driven house remix featuring the original vocals by Wynter Gordon.  A classic in the making.

Katy Perry - California Girls (Gordon Boss Remix) - a commercial house remix for Katy Perry’s number 1 hit.  This remix has taken America by storm, making up 95% of our American downloads.

Jay-Z - 99 Problems (Gordon Boss DnB Remix) - A full on epic drum n bass remix of Jay-Z’s 99 problems.  An absolute monster remix.

Ciara & Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic (Love Sex Music Remix) - Funky house remix, big funky bass lines and an in-your-face drumbeat and acid inspired hook.

Lady Gaga - Just Dance (Gordon Boss take Me To Jail Remix

Golgotha Outlaws Remix of the Lady Gaga song, with an electro house twist from Gordon Boss.


These recordings are offered as a demonstration of the remixing abilities of Gordon Boss and the services available through Jail Recordings only.  Jail Recordings claim no copyright of the third party material used in these remixes.  Additional original materials created in these remixes by Jail Recordings artists,  © 2011 Jail Recordings.  All rights reserved.  If you choose to download these works, please keep them no longer than is necessary.  Please support the original recording artist - if you like the original song, please buy it legitimately.

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