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Golgotha Outlaws were formed in 2003 by James Samson, formerly of Utopian Future.  Since their formation the ‘Outlaws have been at the forefront of dance music creation, mixing elements of the classic dance sounds of acid house and oldskool hardcore with newer influences such as trance and drum n bass.  Take this mix and add a little jazz influence and some guitar rock elements and you have a truly eclectic mix of sounds that always offers something new.

Golgotha Outlaws have currently completed 3 studio albums and 3 additional double A-side EPs.  All of which have ben re-mastered and released through Jail Recordings.

Golgotha Outlaws releases (click for samples and release info);

Figuratively Formative (The Early Years), 2005 (Cat No. Cell 1)

Above The Law (2008) (Cat No. Cell 2)

Project Purity EP (2009) (Cat No. Cell 3)

Project X EP (2009) (Cat No. Cell 4)

The Rock EP (2009) (Cat No. Cell 5)

Cacophonous Wank (Cat No. Cell 6)

Untitled New Album COMING SOON (Cat No. Cell 9)

Golgotha Outlaws record their music using;

Roland 101 Workstation, Korg Microkorg, Yamaha PSS480, Yamaha PSS680, Yamaha PSS51, Emu X-Board 25 and Apple Mac computers running Logic Studio 9.

You can follow Golgotha Outlaws on My Space & Listen at Last FM

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