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James has been at the cutting edge of music production for a number of years, starting from an early age.  He studied technical music at college and went on to gain a Bachelor Of The Arts degree, with Honours, in Film Production, focussing primarily on the music video.  Since then, James has been the driving force behind two of the leading contributors to the independent dance music scene.  From 1997 - 2003 as the front man of dance group, Utopian Future and from 2003 onwards with Golgotha Outlaws.

James has pioneered many sounds that have come to be common place in modern dance music but many of his creations retain the influences and key elements of what made dance music great from days gone by, as well as the popular elements of modern genres.

Aside from writing with Golgotha Outlaws, James has also created a number of solo projects and commissions.  Working with a wide variety of musical genres and production techniques, he has produced rock ballads, orchestral music for film scores and also creations from production briefs for corporate videos.

James is available to work with you and write the music you want!  Contact us to find out more.

Examples of James’s Work - Just press the play button:

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